Neck Lift Device | Face Lifting Massager

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A Timeless Beauty Neck Lift Device!

The concept of bionic design adopted is the m-shaped dolphin tail, which looks new and simple.The massage head is specially designed for shoulders, neck and other parts of the body to make our appearance ergonomic and can help transfer energy to various parts of the skin.

The massage head is heated to a temperature of 45 to activate the skin, which is matched with three IPL acoustic modes at low, medium and high speed, and blue, bright green and red tricolor massage modes.

The device can promote blood circulation, stimulate acupuncture points in the neck, clear meridians, promote blood circulation and promote metabolism, promote the discharge of long-term accumulated toxic substances and waste, delay the aging of skin cells, dilute the contour of the neck, reduce swelling, relax the neck, and make acupuncture threatened, which quickly eliminates fatigue and restores fitness.

Neck Lift Device | Face Lifting Massager

Neck Beauty Instrument Translucent, non-textured, iridescent skin technology brightens skin tone. The best beauty secret that rejuvenates skin and gives timeless beauty!
Neck Lift Device | Face Lifting Massager
The Neck and Face Lift Device is designed to help heal your skin. The LED lights will actually help increase circulation, collagen production, and more!
Neck Lift Device | Face Lifting Massager
Start off with the red LED setting to first open up the pores and improve blood circulation. Then use the blue LED setting to eliminate any toxins and bacteria. Finally, use the green LED setting to eliminate any impurities and smoothen the skin.
Neck Lift Device | Face Lifting Massager


  • Neck and Face Lifting
  • Massager Vibration
  • Application: Face
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • 3 Modes LED Photon Therapy
  • Skin Tightener
  • Reduce Double Chin


  • Wash your neck with a cleanser and pat dry with a cloth.
  • Apply your desired skin or cream to your neck.
  • Turn on the device by holding on the power for 4 seconds.
  • Change the color setting by pressing the power button once.
  • Move up and down with the device on your neck area, jaw and chin.
  • Wash your neck.


    1 x 3 Modes LED Photon Therapy Neck and Face Lifting Massager

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