Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Car Mount

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Super Strong Magnet

Are you tired of all the plastic cradle arms hiding your CD slot, suction cups that won't stick to your dashboard, big clunky car mounts that hardly ever hold your phone? 
Magnetic Car Phone Holder
Magnetic Car Phone Holder ensures you and your phone have a safe and smooth journey. 
Solid zinc alloy frame, silicone surface with magnets underneath producing intensive attraction force that will hold any smartphone or mini-tablet.


  • Multifunction Magnetic Holder
    Our universal magnetic holder does one thing, but many purposes. Use it to securely hold your phone or keys or any metal object, holding your phone and keeping it safe at every bump in the road, for you and your phone a smooth ride.
  • Ultra-Thin Design
    It has a sleek extra-flat design so that it can be easily pasted on any flat surface in your car or around your home. Hands-free or holding something against the wall, study room, doors, kitchen, windows, bedroom, etc. where you want to install your devices.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Car Mount

  • Super strong magnet
    Does your phone or other objects always fall out of your car holder? Do not worry anymore! Our magnetic car phone holder ensures that the mount base will hold the mount's magnetic head securely, keep your devices in place no matter the vibrations or impact of the road.
  • Sturdy Self-Adhesive Base This magnetic mounting bracket is easier to use than any other magnetic mounting bracket due to its adhesive and magnetic design. It has a sturdy rubber base and a powerful magnetic head to hold all your devices.
Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Car Mount
  • Simple installation
    This bracket is so easy to install. No tools required. Just stick it on flat surfaces and you are good to go. Just stick it in your car, kitchen, office, bedroom, or anywhere you need to mount your devices.
Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Car Mount


    1. Clean the surface in a flat and long enough area.
    2. Peel off the sticker from the backing and stick it.
    3. Place the magnetic metal plate on your phone or between the phone and the case.
    4. And all your devices are ready to go wherever you want!

    Magnetic Car Phone Holder | Car Mount


    EQUIPMENT Zinc alloy + N50 magnet + silicone
    • 38G
    • 1 × Mini Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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